What is the Neighbourhood Plan?

Exciting things are happening that means you can help to shape Irchester, Knuston and Little Irchester over the next 18 years! Why is this you ask? Well it is all down to something called a Neighbourhood Plan. What’s that you say? Well it is a chance for you as a valued local resident to share your views on what you would like to see in the Parish over the next 18 years.


What do you think our ‘Community Needs’ are to make it an enjoyable place to live in the future for all our inhabitants? What suggestions could you make to achieve this? Your voice is as important as anyone else, so this is your chance for you to have your say! What do you think our community lacks or perhaps even desires in the future?


So where did this Neighbourhood Plan idea come from? Under the Localism Act 2011 the Irchester Parish Council has been given new powers that will provide local people with the opportunity to express their views on how they would like our Community to shape into the 21st Century.


In February 2012 the Parish Council held a public meeting in the village hall. They asked for willing volunteers to come forward to form a group to lead and undertake research to find out what these ‘Community Needs’ are.


A band of volunteers came forward and from this a dedicated team of local residents volunteered their time to serve on a Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.


The geographical area that the Neighbourhood Plan will cover is the area that encompasses the whole of the Parish of Irchester taking in Irchester, Knuston and Little Irchester.


The Group has to develop the Neighbourhood Plan under consultation with parishioners by doing surveys, talking to local groups and businesses, and holding community events to help establish this 18 year Neighbourhood Plan. In addition it will have to conform to both local and national policies and frameworks.


Much work will obviously take place to complete the Neighbourhood Plan and could take several months to complete. The information found out from the surveys, consultation and events will be written up by the Group into a document that will help shape the community for the future.


The final Neighbourhood Plan document will then be given to the Borough Council of Wellingborough who will send it to an Independent Inspector for approval. After this the Plan will go to a referendum.


Parishioners will have the opportunity to vote if they agree with the ideas and suggestions in the Plan. If more that 51% of the people vote for the Plan it will be adopted. The Borough and Parish Council will then use the Plan as a guidance document for any future ‘Community Needs’ and ‘Development’.


Thank you for your anticipated help in helping with your Neighbourhood Plan and for filling in any survey that may be popped through your door. Your views are important and we look forward to either hearing from you via email or seeing you at one of our events in the future.