Steering Group

Current Steering Group Members

Jon-Paul Carr (Chairman)

Lesley Ellis-Day (Vice-Chair)

Nikki Daft (Administrator and Co-ordinator)

Pam Armstrong (Parish Councillor)

Andrea Pearce

Mary Jones

Mossy Waters

Russell Galer

Tony Skipper

Vickie Galer

Former Steering Group Members

With thanks to the following who have contributed to the Steering Group:

Ashley Fortino

Ian MacDonald

Peter Walker

Jason Baker

Richard Hunt

Ian French (Parish Councilor)

Chris Painter

Mavis Thomas

Other Thanks

Thanks to the following for support with aspects of the Neighbourhood Plan:

Adam Redman      

Sam Galer

Simon Davis

Tom Lloyd

Doreen Dunmore

Pete Dunmore

Richard Webb

Tim Maguire

Lynn Waters

Ben Leeson

Richard Webb

Jane Webb

Lynn Waters

Jenny Carr

David Carr

Gill Browne

Jenny Carr

Pam Armstrong

Steering Group Guidance Documents

Terms of Reference

Communication Strategy
Communication Strategy -__ Irchester, Kn
Microsoft Word Document 14.7 KB
Terms of Reference - Irchester, Knuston
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