Irchester, Knuston & Little Irchester Neighbourhood Plan Minutes

Minutes 25th April 2018
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Minutes 27th November 2017
Minutes 27th November 2017.docx
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Minutes 31st October 2017
Minutes 31st October 2017.docx
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Minutes 28th February 2017
Minutes 28th February 2017.doc
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Minutes 28th November 2016
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Minutes 23rd August 2016
Minutes 23rd August 2016.pdf
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Minutes 25th July 2016
Minutes 25th July 2016.doc
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Minutes 25th May 2016
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Minutes 14th March 2016
Minutes 14th March 2016.pdf
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Minutes 5th November 2015
Minutes 5th November 2015.docx
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Minutes 22nd July 2015
Minutes 22nd July 2015.pdf
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Minutes 12th March 2015
Minutes of NHPmar1215 (1).doc
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Minutes 5th March 2015
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Minutes 29th January 2015
Minutes of NHP.pdf
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Minutes 6th November 2014
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Minutes 23rd September 2014
Minutes 23rd September 2014.pdf
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Attached to Minutes of 23rd September 2014 - Planning Appeal
Attached to Minutes of 23rd September 20
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Minutes 19th August 2014
Minutes 19th August 2014.pdf
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Minutes 23rd July 2014
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Minutes 18th June 2014
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Minutes 7th May 2014
Meeting held at the The Library
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Minutes 22nd April 2014
Minutes 22nd April 2014.doc
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Minutes 3rd April 2014
Meeting held at The Library
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Minutes 13th March 2014
Meeting held at The Library
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Minutes 4th March 2014
Meeting held at The Library
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Minutes 6th February 2014
Meeting held at The Library
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Minutes 15th January 2014
Meeting held at The Library
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Minutes 25th November 2013
Minutes 25th November 2013.doc
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Minutes 5th December 2013
Minutes 5th December 2013.doc
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Minutes 12th November 2013
Meeting held at The Library
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Minutes 3rd October 2013
Meeting held at The Library
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Minutes 18th September 2013
Minutes 18th September 2013.doc
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Minutes 5th September 2013
Meeting held at The Library
minutes Sept nhp2013.doc
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Minutes 15th August 2013
Meeting held at The Library
minutes Aug nhp2013.doc
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Minutes 4th July 2013
Meeting held at The Working Men's Club
minutes july nhp2013.pdf
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Minutes 30th May 2013
Meeting held at the Carpenters Arms
minutes nhp May13.doc
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Minutes 4th April 2013
Meeting held ath The Parsons Hall
minutes nhp 4thapr.pdf
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Minutes 19th March 2013
Meeting held at The Library
steering group minutes1 MAR13.pdf
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Minutes 12th February 2013
Meeting held at The Chapel
steering group minutes feb13.doc
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Minutes 16th January 2013
Meeting held at the St Johns Ambulance Rooms
steering group minutes jan13.pdf
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Minutes 3rd December 2012
Minutes 3rd December 2012 (1).docx
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Minutes 1st November 2012
Minutes 1st November 2012.docx
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Minutes 8th October 2012
Minutes 8th October 2012.docx
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Minutes 1st August 2012
Meeting held at St Katherines Church
steering group minutes 1aug12.docx
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Minutes 28th June 2012
Meeting held at the Bowling Club
steering group minutes 28jun.pdf
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Minutes 17th May 2012
Meeting held in the Village Library
steering group minutes 17thmay.docx
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