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Report on the Community Event Days – April/May 2013


Event Day – 13th April 2013

A very successful day was held at Irchester Village Hall on Saturday 13th April 2013 as part of the Neighbourhood Plan. The purpose was to find out what people want to change or have in the Parish in the future. 


The whole Parish was flyered giving them the chance to attend this free event and a prize was offered for the best constructive idea brought along on the day. Posters were displayed in key places within the Parish and the Press and radio were contacted. 


Letters had been sent to businesses and organisations in the Parish asking if they would like to arrange a display for the Event Day. Over 40 organisations and businesses took up this opportunity and created displays. It gave people a chance to find out more about the activities of these clubs and businesses. 


The Mayor and Mayoress of Wellingborough attended in the morning and where welcomed by members of the Neighbourhood Plan Group and members of Irchester Parish Council. 


The day gave people a chance to share their ideas about the Parish of Irchester for the future. A slide presentation was prepared along with display boards with information on what the Neighbourhood Plan is.


People had great fun adding their ideas using post-it notes added onto the display boards. A variety of great ideas were given from both young and old! A variety of suggestions were for new leisure and play area facilities, business ideas, to concerns about traffic, parking and littering and perhaps some solutions to these.  


Local artist, Roy Ward, very kindly drew a scale map of the Parish with key features, which impressed many people who were not aware of the extent of the Parish of Irchester. In addition the ABC Playgroup provided activities for children (and some adults who decided to have a play). Both should be thanked for the work they kindly contributed to the day


Refreshments were provided, free of charge, with biscuits made by ‘Mums Crumbs’ of the High Street so people had the chance to sit around and discuss ideas. 


Around 300 people attend what was a very successful day and the event has given the Steering Group some positive and creative ideas to develop further. 


Event Evenings 

Little Irchester – 13th April 2013

Whilst a day was held for the whole Parish on the 13th April 2013 a special evening was held at Little Irchester on the 23rd April which was a mini version of the day event at Irchester. Around 50 people attended and again shared some very positive views on what they would like to see in Little Irchester in the future.


Knuston Hall – 1st May 2013

On the 1st May 2013 another event evening was held at Knuston Hall for those residents of Knuston. Around 20 people attended and shared their views with us. 



Saturday 13th April 2013, 10am-4pm, Irchester Village Hall.


Come and have your say and influence how the Parish of Irchester could change in the future.

This is an opportunity for any Irchester, Knuston of Little Irchester businesses, societies or organisation’s to showcase themselves and inform local people what opportunities are available within our community.


The Event Day will allow companies and organisation’s to inform the

community of its activities, aims, aspirations, future plans and ways in which it might want to develop in the coming years.


At the same time it will provide the Steering Group a chance to engage and gather information to help with the preparing of the Neighbourhood Plan.


At the Event day itself participants may decide to showcase their company or organization in a variety of ways:


  • A 4ft x 2ft table space
  • Space for an A3 poster
  • Space for an A1 size mount board


Display and table space is limited. We will be able to showcase around 40 companies and organisations using tables, so space will be allocated on a first come first served basis. However exhibition boards will be provided for the A3 posters and A1 mount boards to be displayed.



Whilst the Community Event Day at the Village Hall on the 13th April will cover the whole parish of Irchester, it was felt that additional evening meetings should be held to engage and talk with residents, businesses and organisation’s in Knuston and Little Irchester.


As result of this two drop-in evening meetings to showcase the Neigbourhood Plan will be held for these particular communities on:


Tuesday 23rd April 2013, Hilton Hall, Little Irchester, 7pm-9.30pm

Wednesday 1st May 2013, Knuston Hall, Knuston, 7pm-9.30pm


Please feel free to pop along during these times if you live in Little Irchester or Knuston.



If you feel like you would like to be represented at the Community Event Day on the 13th April (and we haven't already contacted you) or would like to be represented at Little Irchester or Knuston please click here to get in touch with us.


We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at these events and giving your ideas on how to shape the Parish into the future.