Evidence Base & Documents

Documents relevant to the Irchester, Knuston and Little Irchester Neighbourhood Plan

This section lists documents that form part of the evidence base and lists other documents prepared by the Steering Group that are relevant to the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan.

Historic Landscape Assessment.


 In order to ensure that the Neighbourhood Plan respects and responds positively to the historic character and setting of Irchester, the Steering Group commissioned Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA) to undertake a Historic Landscape Assessment of the village. This was to identify which potential development sites are the most sensitive to change and therefore where development would have the most and least impact on the village’s heritage assets. 


 The original version of this Historic Landscape Assessment was published in September 2015, but following discussions with various stakeholders, a decision was made to review this document to ensure its robustness as part of the evidence base for the Neighbourhood Plan.  The updated version of the report below has been reviewed and amended over the last six months and subsequently checked and confirmed as a robust and appropriate assessment by the Borough Council of Wellingborough and Historic England.


Historic Landscape Assessment September 2015
Historic Landscape Assessment (Original
Adobe Acrobat Document 4.5 MB
Historic Landscape Assessment Updated Version March 2016
Historic Landscape Assessment (Updated
Adobe Acrobat Document 6.2 MB

Neighbourhood Development Order

Irchester, Knuston and Little Irchester Neighbourhood Plan Development Order - details of what this order mean, the Geographical area of the Neighbourhood Plan and comments from Key Stakeholders.



The Borough Council of Wellingborough - Details of 5 Year Housing  supply within the Borough of Wellingborough

Irchester Housing Needs Survey

Irchester Housing Needs Survey
Irchester report _final_.pdf
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Additional Comments from Housing Needs Survey

Comments from Housing Needs Survey
Additonal Comments from Housing Need Sur
Microsoft Excel Table 34.8 KB


Irchester Site Assessment
Highways - Irchester Site Assessment.pd
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Current Highways Report
Irchester Site Assessment Update.pdf
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The Legal Framework

The Government introduced the right of the Parish Council to undertake neighbourhood planning through the Localism Act 2011. Those parts of the Act relating specifically to neighbourhood planning are chapter 3 of part 6 of volume I and schedule 9 in Volume II.

Built Heritage

Environmental Assessment

This document provides a range of landscape, ecology and archaeology information regarding a variety of potential sites in the environs of Irchester.

10.6.2014 - Environmental Report.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 883.4 KB

Strategic Environmental Assessment

Strategic Environmental Assessment and Habitant Regulations Assessment February 2017
1.Strategic Environmental Assessment and
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.5 MB
Sustainability Assessment Report Feburary 2017
2.Sustainability Assessment Report Febur
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.4 MB
Respose Environment Agency - 20th March 2017
3.Respose Environment Agency - 20th Marc
Adobe Acrobat Document 156.6 KB
Response Natural England - 4th April 2017
4.Response Natural England - 4th April 2
Adobe Acrobat Document 245.7 KB
SEA Screening Report, Draft Screening Report, Heritage Update (April 2017)
5a. SEA Screening Report, Draft Screenin
Adobe Acrobat Document 4.6 MB
Response Historic England - 30th March
5.Response Historic England - 30th March
Adobe Acrobat Document 126.6 KB
Response Historic England - 2nd May 2017
6.Response Historic England - 2nd May 20
Adobe Acrobat Document 159.2 KB
Historical Assessment - Policy 4 - Land South of James Street September 2017
7.Historical Assessment - Policy 4 - Lan
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.8 MB
Response Historic England - 11th October 2017
8.Response Historic England - 11th Octob
Adobe Acrobat Document 59.1 KB

Irchester, Little Irchester, Knuston Character Appraisal

Irchester, Little Irchester and Knuston Character Appraisal, April, 2017
1. Irchester, Little Irchester and Knus
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.9 MB
Irchester Character Appraisal Map, April, 2017
2. Irchester Character Apprasial Map, Ap
Adobe Acrobat Document 467.7 KB
Little Irchester Character Apprasial Map, April, 2017
3. Little Irchester Character Apprasial
Adobe Acrobat Document 743.6 KB
Knuston Character Apprasial Map, April, 2017
4. Knuston Character Apprasial Map, Apri
Adobe Acrobat Document 604.6 KB

Economy and employment

Flood Risk


Nature conservation, environmental character and green infrastructure

Open Space/Sports Facilities


Settlement Hierarchy

The Legal Framework
The Government introduced the right of the Parish Council to undertake neighbourhood planning through the Localism Act 2011. Those parts of the Act relating specifically to neighbourhood planning are chapter 3 of part 6 of volume I and schedule 9 in Volume II.
General regulations governing neighbourhood planning came into effect in April 2012. Anexplanatory memorandum of the regulations is also available.
Regulations on the referendum stage came into force in August 2012.

Planning Policy
National Planning Policy Framework (2012) (NPPF) – indicates that the purpose of the planning system is to contribute to the achievement of sustainable development. The Neighbourhood Plan cannot be prepared in isolation but must: have regard to the planning framework set out in the NPPF.
North Northamptonshire Core Spatial Strategy (CSS) sets out the broad planning strategy for the area. The Neighbourhood Plan must be in general conformity with the strategic policies in the CSS. The CSS is, however, being reviewed to plan forward to 2031. A ‘Pre-Submission Draft Plan’, is expected in spring 2013 with adoption in spring 2014.


Borough Council of Wellingborough – Planning Policy




Borough Council of Wellingborough and the North Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy




North Northamptonshire Joint Planning Unit




Adopted North Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy 2011-2031




North Northamptonshire Strategic Housing Market Assessment Update Report (January 2015)




North Northamptonshire  on Housing Requirements in the North Northamptonshire Housing Market Area (January 2014)




North Northamptonshire Joint Planning Unit: Strategic Housing Market Assessment – Final Technical Report (August 2012)




2011 SHLAA for North Northamptonshire (May 2013)




Open Space, Sports and Recreation Report, Borough Council of Wellingborough (2015)




The Plan for the Borough of Wellingborough




 Strategic Environmental Assessment



General guidance
There is a great deal of general guidance available on the neighbourhood planning process, including the following:
http://www.cpre.org.uk/resources/housing-and-planning/planning/item/2689-how-to-shape-where-you-live-a-guide-to-neighbourhood-planningHow to shape where you live: a guide to neighbourhood planning (CPRE/NALC);
Your place, your plan (TCPA);
Neighbourhood planning: a simple guide for ward councillors (PAS);
Neighbourhood Planning Roadmap Guide and Worksheets (Locality)
North Northamptonshire Neighbourhood Planning Toolkit (NNJPU);
Neighbourhood Development Plan Guidance Sheets (Herefordshire CC);
Neighbourhood planning frequently asked questions (PAS);
Neighbourhood planning: early practice (PAS);
St. Somewhere Neighbourhood Plan (Cornwall Council) – a general guide indicating what a plan might look like.
‘Supporting Communities and Neighbourhoods in Planning’ project
The Government has provided financial support to 4 organisations with renowned expertise in order to provide assistance, including on-line resources, to local groups developing neighbourhood plans.
The 4 organisations are:
The Prince’s Foundation;
The Royal Town Planning Institute; and
The National Association of Local Councils in partnership with the Campaign to Protect Rural England.
Guidance on public participation
The following links relate more specifically to public participation techniques:
Design Council – a list of links to various toolkits;
Place Shaping Action Pack’ (NNJPU) - contains information, advice and activities to help people get involved with plan making.
Newsletters and discussion forums
Forum for Neighbourhood Planning (RTPI/Planning Aid) - this website includes latest news on neighbourhood planning; access to a free newsletter (Up Front) and discussion forums; and links to other websites;
Design Council - .provides a list of links to other discussion forums on neighbourhood planning

Borough Council of Wellingborough Open Space Assessment and Strategy (2017)



 Plan for the Borough of Wellingborough Publication Plan (September 2017)



Community Feedback from Events

Comments from Irchester Community School Fair
Comments from Irchester Community Primar
Microsoft Word Document 12.0 KB
Community Event Day Responses
Community Event Day Responses (April 201
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.6 MB