Vision Statement

The Parish of Irchester must maintain it's character as a rural and vibrant community.


It must continue to have a close relationship with it's surrounding countryside.


It must remain attractive to visitors and residents.


Irchester, Little Irchester and Knuston must each have their own identity and provide community cohesion for all their inhabitants for current and future generations.

Irchester, Knuston & Little Irchester Neighbourhood Plan

The 2011 Localism Act sets out how communities will be able to get more involved in planning for their areas. This is specifically around creating plans and policies to guide new development and in some cases granting planning permission for certain types of development.


Neighbourhood planning is about letting the people who know about and care for an area plan for it. It is led by the residential and business community, not a council, and is about building neighbourhoods – not stopping growth.


The Irchester, Knuston & Little Irchester Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group are working to preparing this Plan with consultation with the Community.